What makes The Mastersingers different from other vocal groups?

The Mastersingers’ unique sound owes much to the unusual format of the group. No other comparable group has more tenors and basses than sopranos and altos. Achieving a balance between such a mix of voices calls for brilliant arrangements, expert musical direction and masterful singing, all of which The Mastersingers have in abundance. Add to this a brilliant trio of piano, drums and double bass and the result is truly magical!
Many of the group’s pieces are composed or arranged by members of The Mastersingers themselves, people who know the voices and the personalities in the group well and who produce arrangements guaranteed to bring out the very best in the voices.
An evening with The Mastersingers is different from any other choir concert. The music varies from sacred to secular and from classical to popular throughout the evening, a full range from Bach to The Beatles and beyond!
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